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Another MK Nail Salon Issued Fine For Ignoring Lockdown Rules

Milton Keynes Council has closed a second nail salon in as many weeks which ignored COVID-19 restrictions and operated illegally during lockdown.

MKC Trading Standards Officers issued the non-essential business owner with a £1,000 Fixed Penalty Notice following similar action taken against another MK nail bar earlier this month.

Government guidelines clearly set out what’s regarded as essential and any non-essential businesses which continue to operate during periods of lockdown, such as nail salons and hairdressers, are breaking the law and could face fines and legal action, as well as anybody who travels to use them.

Sue Crawley, Trading Standards Manager at MK Council said: “The law is very clear about which businesses are deemed essential during lockdown and close contact businesses such as hairdressers, barbers and beauticians are definitely not. It’s astonishing that some people continue to think they’re above the law.

“There’s been much publicity around this and anyone still offering these services during lockdown is doing so in full knowledge that they’re breaking the law. We have a duty to investigate all allegations and where necessary issue Fixed Penalty Notices to protect the public.”

If you suspect a non-essential business is continuing to operate during lockdown, you can report it to Trading Standards confidentially on


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