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Back to the Future for Community Facilities: Cllr David Hopkins reimagines Community Hubs and Community Shops for Future New Developments in MK

MKCC Conservative Group Leader and Danesborough and Walton ward Councillor David Hopkins has asked the Leader of MKCC, Cllr Pete Marland , to seriously consider including the provision of temporary community hubs and shops as part of the suite of new policies moving forward into the next iteration of the MKCC local plan, Local Plan:MK 2050.

Cllr Hopkins comments

‘We have learnt from experience in Eagle Farm South and Glebe Farm (both in Wavendon) that despite

forming part of the masterplans for both areas, community facilities have not been delivered as


In Glebe Farm, the promised public house was replaced by a KFC. In Eagle Farm South we have no shop

(as was promised) meaning it is a 30-minute walk to the nearest centre for shopping at Kingston, and

no nearby local community meeting place that would allow new residents to form links and create a

sense of community from the bottom up.”

Cllr Hopkins is asking for a return to the successful Milton Keynes Development Corporation policy

from the 1970’s and 80’s of providing temporary use of houses (for three to five years) in various parts

of new estates for community use, eventually then returning them to the housing stock and temporary

retail outlets, often of a prefab design, removed once established retail was constructed.

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