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Ben Everitt MP Delighted As Milton Keynes Workers Receive £450 Conservative Tax Cut

Workers across Milton Keynes have received a tax cut worth £450 a year to the average worker in a move that has delighted local Conservative MP Ben Everitt.

The Milton Keynes North MP has been lobbying the Government to ensure people get to keep more of the money they earn and in the Autumn Statement, Chancellor Jeremy Hunt confirmed a cut in the main rate of National Insurance contributions from 12% to 10%. 

In Milton Keynes the median annual wage for a worker is just over £35,000 a year which will mean a tax cut of £450 thanks to the Government's largest ever National Insurance tax cut which will benefit 27 million people across the country. The tax cut came into effect on Saturday 6th January.

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak successfully delivered on his pledge to halve inflation which has allowed him to take long-term decisions to strengthen the economy, including this tax cut as well as cutting and simplifying tax for two million self-employed people, cutting business taxes and freezing alcohol duty to support the hospitality sector, plus lots more.

Ben Everitt, the MP for Milton Keynes North, said: "This is fantastic news for working people across Milton Keynes and I'm delighted we're making sure you can keep more of the money you earn, but this has only been possible thanks to the tough decisions this Conservative Government has taken.

"We've supported the most vulnerable through the cost of living increase caused by the significant amount of money spent keeping people in jobs during the pandemic and Putin's evil war in Ukraine and now after halving inflation, we can deliver the tax cuts that will get our economy growing again."

You can find out how much you'll save from the Government's tax cut here:


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