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Bletchley improvement plans keep moving forward

The Leader of Milton Keynes Council will next week take a decision to approve a six-week consultation on a formal planning document that will shape the future of Bletchley’s regeneration.

The Supplementary Planning Document (SPD) will highlight important urban design principles and guidance, informing future developers about how to further improve the town.

The SPD includes:

- An ambitious vision for Bletchley to become a thriving and vibrant urban area

- Opportunity sites that can be developed, thus creating more jobs and opportunities for local people

- The aim to increase affordable housing choices in the area, including for young professionals

- How the routes and spaces in Bletchley can be improved for pedestrian and vehicle access

- Plans for a new bus stop near Bletchley Station to improve connectivity

- And how Queensway can be better reconnected with Buckingham Road, providing a better connection between East and West Bletchley

Councillor Pete Marland, Labour Leader of the Council, said: “The regeneration of Bletchley is a key pillar of our council plan, and we are committed to improving the lives of residents in the town.

“Bletchley is a historical hub that has endless potential. We want to ensure a long-term future for Bletchley; a place that is home to a vibrant high street full of local shops, restaurants and bars, alongside truly affordable housing, and plenty of inviting public spaces for residents. This decision will help us to achieve that.”

Councillor Mohammed Khan, Labour Councillor for Bletchley East, has lived in the area since he was a child. He said: “I am thrilled that the Council is committed to investing in and regenerating Bletchley.

“Earlier this year we found out Bletchley would be getting a cash injection of over £22m, which the Council successfully bid for, and the East West rail is continuing to develop. There’s lots going on in the town, and it’s exciting to see what the future has in store.”


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