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Bollywood Dance brings joy to MK

A few days ago we came across a video on social media that we just had to share. It was an absolute joy to see something positive, promoting... POSITIVITY.

Rumia Mukherjee shared the video below of her & friends performing a Bollywood Dance at The Peace Pagoda, Willen Lake, the perfect setting.

Rumia said, ''Dance is not about your age, about your shape, how good you are or good choreography, it’s about supporting eachother, letting go of inhibitions and just having fun. So just dance! It helps!''

This video was filmed in 2020 when rules allowed and was shared to try and spread some smiles & positivity.

So why not give it a watch, put your hands to the sky, wave them side to side & let yourself go to the song 'Makhna.'

When rules allow, Rumia wants to host many events / outdoor gatherings inviting people to join in, we will share information on that when we receive it.

Stay safe & enjoy the dance.


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