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Bronze Award Goes To 1st Crownhill - Milton Keynes District Scouts

1st Crownhill Beavers started their return to Face to Face Scouting with a really special moment for Max and Harrison, who were presented with their Bronze Award by Stuart Bailey (District Commissioner)

Max and Harrison like many other Beavers in the district have been working extremely hard throughout lockdown to achieve the highest award as a Beaver Scout. Now they are ready to start a new adventure in Cubs where they will learn even more skills for life.

This is what Harrison had to say when he was asked how he is feeling “I never thought I would get bronze award, but I am so proud of myself for achieving it “

We also managed to ask Max’s Mum what Max said when he got home, “He doesn’t want to leave because he’s having the best time ever”

Dawn AKA Beaver Storm said: “It has been a really difficult year not being able to get together face to face, so what better way to celebrate our first live session in over a year than to invite Stuart to present two Bronze awards”

“I could not be prouder of all our Beavers who have adapted to online meetings and to our parents who have been excellent “temporary Beaver leaders”.

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