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Cabinet Member’s appeal to residents to help fight Omicron

Leading Cabinet Members are encouraging residents to take all necessary steps to limit the spread of COVID, as Milton Keynes sees around 400 cases a day last week.

Over 2,000 COVID cases were recorded in Milton Keynes for Monday to Friday last week – more than 400 a day.

Liberal Democrat Councillor Jane Carr is the Cabinet Member responsible for public health: “I would encourage everyone to follow the government’s most recent advice, and take the necessary steps to help limit the spread of COVID. This is crucial to protect yourselves, family and friends, especially in the run up to Christmas and New Year.”

“I’ve recently signed up to be an NHS volunteer to support the COVID response, and there are many other ways to help limit the spread - please wear a face covering and wash your hands with soap or hand sanitiser regularly. If you are meeting family and friends, try to do so in well ventilated areas and take a rapid test before meeting them.”

“Remember, it’s not too late to get your first vaccination. Being fully vaccinated is one of the best things you can do to fight COVID, and I would urge everyone who hasn’t received their first dose yet to please come forward.”

Leader of the Council, Labour Councillor Pete Marland, said: “As a Council we’re taking all the precautions we can to fight Omicron, as our staff keep delivering critical services for local residents.”

“I know the people of Milton Keynes have made great sacrifices over the past 21 months, and we once again need to be doing everything we can to prevent an even greater spread of COVID.”


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