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Camphill Mk Looks To The Future As It Celebrate Its 40th Birthday

Local charity, Camphill Milton Keynes Communities, celebrated its 40th birthday with an Open Day on Friday 29th October where it welcomed a mixture of old friends and new faces, to learn about the fascinating history of the community and its ambitious plans for the future.

Established as part of the Milton Keynes new town development, Camphill Milton Keynes has been a driving force for equality and inclusion since 1981. It is also unique within the Camphill Movement for it’s town centre location, with most communities being located within the countryside.

Many residents have called the community home for a number of years, with some having joined the community when it opened its doors in 1981. Residents joined our community in their younger years and as they get older and face mobility issues and more complex health needs our facilities are unable to support them.

Sometimes meaning that residents are required to leave their homes in order to meet mobility needs and increased personal care requirements.

As Camphill MK celebrates its 40th birthday it has set out its ambitious vision to care for more people for longer, and allow people to stay in their homes as they grow older. With an ambitious build project in the pipeline they plan to build accessible accommodation and enhance their facilities.

They might be celebrating one milestone but there are plenty more to come in the future of Camphill Milton Keynes Communities.


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