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Celebrating wonderful volunteers

For this year’s Volunteers Week, there’s one very clear message – Thank You!

The Parks Trust, the charity caring for MK’s parks, share huge thanks to their volunteers for another year of remarkable achievements and unwavering commitment.

Each volunteer brings unique skills, knowledge, and passion to their role, enabling the charity to undertake a wide range of activities that benefit the parks and wider community.

More than 240 active volunteers support the Trust in a diverse range of roles. You’ll often see them as Volunteer Rangers or Wardens ensuring the maintenance and safety of the parks, or supporting outdoor learning sessions and parkland events. Volunteers are crucial for conservation efforts too, regularly undertaking wildlife surveys and practical tasks to preserve the natural beauty of the city’s parks.

The extraordinary power of collective effort sees more than 10,000 hours generously contributed each year, leaving a lasting imprint across the city, from enhancing wildlife habitats to organising memorable events.

If you’d like to get involved in volunteeringwith The Parks Trust, a great starting point is to join one of their monthly Community Litter Picks. These provide an excellent opportunity for families and individuals to contribute towards a cleaner and more beautiful environment. By actively participating in these litter picks, volunteers will be able to help combat litter and instil a sense of pride across Milton Keynes' parks.

The Parks Trust volunteering programme achieved Investing In Volunteers accreditation last year, recognising the commitment to great volunteer management standards and demonstrating how much the organisation values volunteering.

Here’s how to find out more about volunteering at The Parks Trust.


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