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Charity Focus MK with MK Charities: Camphill MK Communities

Camphill Milton Keynes Communities is a supported living community for adults with learning disabilities and autism who live, learn, work and celebrate life together. They are supported and encouraged by staff, volunteers and co-workers.

They support around 70 people who live in houses with other service users who 'share all the everyday things that families do' such as cooking, cleaning and washing up!

Some of their residents access opportunities in the wider community such as college, volunteering, and employment. Most take part in their day services and workshops, including arts and crafts, horticulture, working in our bakery or café, to name just a few. These activities help their residents to practice fine motor skills, grow confidence and reduce stress and anxiety.

What have Camphill MK Communities been up to?

The past year and the challenges presented by the Coronavirus pandemic have been challenging for their community. Yet everyone - the staff, residents and co-workers, have risen to the challenge in true Camphill style. They've been involved in many activities from socially distanced celebrations, craft and learning to keeping in touch with friends and family virtually and adapting their services to keep people safe.

They stayed in touch with each other and the wider learning disability community by creating our very own Camphill Internet Radio. They've been chatting to friends and family using Zoom Room. In the summer months when restrictions allowed, they welcomed loved ones for socially distanced visits.

As the colder weather means meeting outside isn't possible, they've created a safe (and warm) visiting space so that family visits can continue whilst keeping people safe and socially distanced. Keeping in touch with family is especially important for our residents, as disruption to routine and lack of contact can cause anxiety among learning disabilities.

To find out more details visit their website:

You can donate to the charity via www.localgiving.orh/camphill

Find them on their social media channels below:

Thankyou to MK Charities for another great highlight!


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