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Charity Focus MK with MK Charities: Samuel's Charity

Updated: Jan 20, 2021

Today is Charity Focus day in association with MK Charities. Today we are focussing on Samuel's Charity

Samuel & his Dad

So, what do Samuel's Charity do?

A charity that started with a young boy called Samuel that was going through treatment at St George's Hospital asked his dad to buy a few nice meals for other children on his ward.

At 9 years old, in 2014, Samuel lost his battle and his legacy grew. Martin, Samuel's dad and the rest of his family transformed Samuel's wish into a charity in 2015 and since then aims to help children going through treatments and their families get through what is most likely the worst time in their lives, Samuel's charity now supports numerous charities in the UK all thanks to a kind hearted little boy and his family.

Samuel's Game stand design

An example of one of their projects is their incredible game stand that wards can use, we have included an image so you can see for yourselves and thanks to the work of Samuel's Charity and Bytec who make them. Some children won't be able to have as much movement, this stand can be wheeled around and is now accessible for children who are bed bound.

If you would like to find out more information or if you would like to make a donation or contact the charity, then please do visit their website:

Join us next Wednesday for our Charity Focus MK. We are here to champion charities in Milton Keynes!

If you are a charity / non for profit organisation and would like to be featured on the MK Community Hub, please get in touch with MK Charities via their website


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