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CharityFocusMK: Medical Detection Dogs with MK Charities

Medical Detection Dogs are a small charity, creating such a positive and life saving impact to our local community and beyond, who needs our help with funding for the day to day running of the charity, care of their dogs and continue to get trainers.

These dogs are not just any dogs, they are heroes. They are helpers of the NHS. They are companions who help save lives by smelling the odour of human diseases.

Their bio detection dogs carry out early diagnosis of cancer and other diseases, whilst their Medical Alert Assistance Dogs are trained to support people with life-threatening health conditions, saving their lives on a daily basis and helping the NHS by keeping them out of hospital, thus needed now more than ever.

This year Medical Detection Dogs are the chosen charity for Metro's Lifeline campaign and they are asking you and your dog to join them and some aspiring celebrities such as singer, Alexandra Burke, TV's Dr Christian Jessen, reality star, Pete Wicks and presenter, Debbie Flint.

How can you get involved? Welcome to Woof and Walk, where you and your companion can join the community and celebrities on a sponsored hike - 26 miles or 10 km that will be held on June 19th around the Buckinghamshire countryside.

To find out more, click the link for 26 miles: or for 10km:


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