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Children to enjoy new purpose-built library at MK primary school thanks to councillor’s ward grant

Schoolchildren are set to enjoy a brand-new purpose-built library at Summerfield School in Bradwell Common thanks to their local councillor’s ward grant.

Councillor Moriah Priestley, who represents CMK ward, spent the full £1,000 of her ward grant on the project which saw an empty and unused IT classroom transform into a colourful library.

The school’s old library was intersected by a busy corridor, meaning it was hard for children to find a quiet place to sit down and read. Now, the pupils have access to a separate space full of hundreds of books and even a handmade ‘story chair’ decorated with cuttings of old book pages.

The new library will also provide an important space for children who might not have the option or access to work in a suitable learning environment.

CMK Ward Councillor Moriah Priestley recently visited the school to see the new project. She said:

“Libraries are places where children can express themselves and learn in a fun, relaxing and academic environment. They’re also a core part of children’s education so it’s great to see that my ward grant has gone towards such a great initiative that will prove invaluable for schoolchildren in the years to come.”

After months of construction, the library opened in January 2023 and has since been enjoyed by dozens of local schoolchildren.

Ian Fraser, Headteacher at Summerfield School, added: “We are very grateful for the donation and the support we have had bringing the new library design to life. The creation of the space by Jo Klimek, a friend of the school, into a large ‘reading corner’ has been hugely influential already in developing a love of reading in Summerfield’s children.”


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