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City Council announces additional support for MK’s unpaid carers

MK City Council is launching a new pilot scheme to increase the financial support available to unpaid carers.

The City Council will provide a minimum annual payment of £240 for unpaid carers alongside access to additional assistance that will vary for individuals.

This latest package of support for unpaid carers comes ahead of a Cost-of-Living Crisis Winter Plan which will be received by Cabinet on 8 November.

Unpaid carers are people who may be looking after friends, family, or neighbours on an informal basis and not as a paid job. These carers spend time doing things for people who cannot do those things for themselves, which may include helping someone to eat, supporting them to take medication or performing regular checks. Milton Keynes has more than 21,000 unpaid carers who form an integral part of the local care system.

The City Council is running a survey to explore other ways that carers can be supported. One option being considered is a ‘sitting service’ which is short-term access to carers that may allow caregivers to have a break for a few hours at a time. Unpaid carers can find the survey here.

It’s also running a consultation event open to all carers on 9 November at the Church of Christ the Cornerstone between 10am and 1pm.

“Unpaid carers are so important to our communities, and we want to ensure they are receiving as much assistance as possible. This direct payment to carers, alongside other help available, comes without conditions and is about recognising their own needs. We’re also asking carers to speak to us about what else we can do. We want to hear your views and understand what is important to you so please do answer our survey.” - Cllr Emily Darlington, Cabinet Member for Adults, Housing and Healthy Communities

For further information on the support available to unpaid carers, please visit:


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