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City Council extends campaign to increase bus passengers

Milton Keynes City Council is extending its campaign to increase passenger numbers on seven bus routes after operators said they would reduce the services if more people didn’t use them.

The city council launched the campaign in September last year, and is now proposing to extend the drive until the summer. By extending the campaign, the city council will help operators better understand changes in demand as well as providing stability until the end of the school year.

This means MK City Council will fund these routes until July 2024, and is asking residents to get back on the bus if they want these routes to remain in service:

  • Route 21: Linking Olney, Emberton, and other northern parts of Milton Keynes.

  • Route 41: Connecting Milton Keynes with neighbouring authorities via Olney.

  • Route 1: Serving Newport Pagnell, Green Park, and Downs Barn.

  • Route 2: Connecting Newport Pagnell, Poets’ Estate, and Downs Barn.

  • Route 3: Covering Lovat Fields Village.

  • Route 4: Serving Greenleys, Great Holm, and Shenley Church End.

  • Route 7: Linking Oakridge Park and Great Linford

A council decision to approve the extension will be made on 23 January. If approved, nearby residents will be reminded about the routes and that they may be reduced unless demand increases.

“We’re determined to do everything we can to increase passenger numbers, but ultimately it’s up to local people to keep using the services. The campaign shows our commitment to keeping these services, but we can’t keep spending public money on routes if the numbers don’t increase. Unfortunately, what the bus companies decide is out of our control. We’ll keep trying and I strongly encourage everyone to make an effort to use public transport when they can. - Cabinet Member for Public Realm, Cllr Jenny Wilson-Marklew


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