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City Council hands over keys to leisure facilities

Milton Keynes City Council has transferred 15 local leisure and community buildings to town and parish councils, giving them full control over how they are managed.

As part of its Leisure Asset Transfer programme, the city council has so far handed over keys to spaces around the city that serve more than 100,000 residents, giving town and parish councils the power to invest in the facilities and run them based on the specific needs of their community. Several more parish councils have taken on extra-long leases for their local buildings.

The transfers are proving successful, with many venues becoming financially self-sustaining in a matter of months. The change has also taken some financial pressure off of the city council to maintain and repair leisure and community facilities.

Broughton Pavilion was transferred in 2022 to Broughton and Milton Keynes Village Parish Council, which has since invested £85,000 made up of grants and parish council reserves to buy new equipment for a range of sports and to put on social and community-led programmes. Visitor numbers have gone up significantly as a result. Pictured is Karen Hill from Broughton and Milton Keynes Village Parish Council with Cllr Jane Carr, Cabinet Member for Tackling Social Inequalities.

A number of facilities are also being used to support the city council’s cost-of-living initiative, by being used for activities that anyone can take part in if they’re struggling to heat their homes.

“I’ve been visiting some of the transferred facilities to learn how well it’s been going and it’s been heartwarming to see their transformation into much loved and well used spaces. The Leisure Asset Transfer programme has been a real success so far and my thanks go out to the staff and volunteers who work tirelessly to provide these excellent facilities for their communities.”

- Cabinet Member for Tackling Social Inequalities, Cllr Jane Carr


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