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City Council to launch new community club in Fullers Slade

Milton Keynes City Council is to fund new community clubs in Fullers Slade to connect local people with social and wellbeing activities.

The City Council has set aside more than £150,000 to fund a new scheme in Fullers Slade this year alongside extending a popular programme in the Lakes Estate, where events have been attended by more than 900 people. The funding will enable residents, community groups and organisations to run social activities and clubs that benefit the community.

Both estates will be allocated a maximum of £85,000 each to fund activities throughout the year, which could range from entertainment or skills classes to sports and physical activities.

The City Council will work alongside the NHS to ensure that the most vulnerable adults and children are supported by the clubs.

“We initially ran Lakes Clubs in 2022 to tackle loneliness and isolation. Over 900 people attended the community events, and the feedback was very positive. It’s great news that the funding has been secured to introduce Fullers Clubs and extend the Lakes Clubs so we can support hundreds more people this year.” - Cllr Jane Carr, Cabinet member for Inequalities and Child Poverty

“As the cost-of-living crisis continues, we can only expect people to become more isolated which wreaks havoc on mental and physical health. That’s why initiatives like these are so important in keeping people connected and boosting their wellbeing. I saw first-hand how much a difference the Lakes Clubs made, and I look forward to seeing what more can be done this year.” - Cllr Emily Darlington, Cabinet Member for Adults, Housing and Healthy Communities

Milton Keynes City Council is encouraging local people to come forward with suggestions for potential clubs, so they can help shape the programme. Residents, organisations, and businesses will then receive funding to deliver the clubs throughout the year.

You can learn more about the clubs via the links below.


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