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City of Milton Keynes at Scientific Superpower Conference

Milton Keynes City Council is joining a delegation of tech industry experts from MK at today’s (28 June) ‘Creating a Scientific Superpower Conference’ in Westminster.

City Council colleagues are joined by Smart City CIC along with students from Cranfield University and the University of Buckinghamshire to showcase the cutting-edge technology being used in MK and the industry-leading research and development taking place in the area.

The group will be highlighting the significant advances the city has recently made in the tech sector, with innovative Smart City projects such as robotics, 5G technology, driverless vehicles, and artificial intelligence traffic models.

The ‘Creating a Scientific Superpower Conference’ provides a platform for industry-leaders from across the UK to come together to tackle some of the biggest challenges facing the country’s tech industry. MK City Council’s presence at the conference along with its partners is an opportunity to boost the city’s profile among the tech elite and find potential investment opportunities.

“Our city’s passion for technology and its extraordinary research and development work deserves to be recognised on a national level. This conference is an excellent opportunity for us to show off our impressive achievements already and also the endless opportunities available for the tech sector in MK and the wider area.” - Deputy Leader of MK City Council, Cllr Robin Bradburn


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