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Cllr Hopkins Fights to Protect 2100 Year Old Monument in Woburn Sands

Cllr David Hopkins, MK City Ward Councillor for Danesborough & Walton and a Woburn Sands Town Councillor, will be asking a question of MKCC Leader Cllr Pete Marland at the March Council meeting (13th March) regarding the urgently needed protection for the Danesborough Fort Scheduled Monument located on the Greensand Ridge in Woburn Sands parish.

The Danesborough Fort Scheduled Monument (after which the ward takes its name) is approx. 2100 years old and was first listed in 1933 but is now under attack once again from mountain bikers in particular who are causing serious erosion of this important, local feature.

Both Cllr Hopkins and the Woburn Sands Town Council were made aware of damage being done by

the local History Society, who have also highlighted the fact that the signage and information/interpretation boards have been removed.

Cllr Hopkins is calling for MKCC to get directly involved, urgently call a meeting with Bedford Estates

and the management of the Greensand Trust (who manage the land on behalf of the Estate) to agree

a way forward before this site is damaged permanently.


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