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Community allotment project receives financial boost from their ward councillor

A local community allotment project has received a financial boost from their ward councillor.

Councillor Tracey Bailey, who represents Danesborough and Walton, spent a proportion of her ward grant purchasing a shed for Walton Allotment Association to use at their Holst Crescent allotment in Old Farm Park.

Users of the allotment are heavily involved in the local community, educating people on the benefits of growing fresh fruit and vegetables while also donating fresh produce to those who are struggling with the cost of living.

Having a shared shed will ensure that this work can continue on a greater scale, also providing storage of shared tools and resources for community events.

Councillor Tracey Bailey said: “Walton Allotment Association is a key pillar of the local community and are making a real difference to peoples’ lives. They’ve been working with AgeUK to provide fresh fruit and veg to pensioners, donating food to those most in need, and plan to hold lots of community and educational events. I’m pleased that this donation will help the plot holders continue their great work and look forward to seeing what they do in the future.”

Vincent Leiu from the Walton Allotment Association added: “We are very pleased to have received the donation which will help us buy a shared shed for our plot holders. We’d like to thank Councillor Bailey for her support and look forward to continuing working with her to improve the community.”


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