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Community boat launches new food offers

Electra, the all-electric community boat, has unveiled an expanded menu for its second season on the Grand Union Canal.

Punjabi curry supplied by award-winning local restaurant Namji. Credit: Gill Prince Photography

As they cruise gently along the canal, guests can now enjoy a ploughman’s lunch on a Wednesday half day cruise, or a Thursday evening curry cruise. Jubilee Cream Tea Cruises run on Thursdays and Fridays, although over half of these are already fully booked.

Emma Hall, volunteer Quartermaster, said, “These have been added following several suggestions from our guests. Last year’s popular choices will still be available, however, including the Coffee & Cake morning cruise and Friday evening Fish & Bubbles. Cream tea cruises will now additionally start from Great Linford as well as Campbell Wharf”

“We continue to use local suppliers wherever possible. These include the Concrete Cow Brewery, Jam MK, Namji and Willen Ice Cream, plus the Camphill and MacIntyre residential communities”, she added,

Electra is the new, all electric, accessible community canal boat, run by a dedicated team of volunteers from the Bedford & Milton Keynes Waterway Trust.

For further details and to book a cruise, visit: Electra food cruises


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