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Community litter pick gains momentum

A community litter pick campaign, launched by the Labour Loughton & Shenley Ward Team, is gaining momentum – with the second event seeing twice as many attendees than the first.

Local families joined Shanika Mahendran, Loughton & Shenley Labour Community Campaigner, and Progressive Alliance councillors for a litter pick in Grange Farm on Saturday 19th February, collecting around 15 bags of rubbish from the estate.

Shanika said: “The community litter picks stemmed from a conversation with residents, about myself and ward councillor Zoe Nolan seeing how we could positively contribute to the ward. I didn’t expect that they’d be as successful as this so early on, and I’m thrilled to see so many families getting involved.”

The first community litter pick took place in Oakhill, and, so far, campaigners and community members have collected approximately 27 bags of litter from the ward.

Councillor Emily Darlington, Labour Councillor for Bletchley East and MK Council Cabinet Member, was among those at latest the litter pick:

“It was great to see over a dozen people spend their Saturday afternoon helping to tidy up Grange Farm. It’s clear to see just how passionate the community are about their ward, and Shanika is doing a brilliant job at bringing everyone together in this way. I want to say a huge thank you to the volunteers across our city that make these events a success.”

The next Loughton & Shenley litter pick is scheduled for Saturday 19th March at 2pm, meeting by Sainsbury’s in Shenley Church End.


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