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Confirmed: Progressive Alliance is keeping weekly bin collections in Milton Keynes

The Labour and Liberal Democrat Progressive Alliance on Milton Keynes Council is again reaffirming that weekly bin collections will not be stopping in 2023.

When the Council’s waste contract comes to an end in 2023, households will make the switch from plastic sacks to wheelie bins in a bid to make the city cleaner, greener, and safer.

Alongside their already-existing green bins which will be collected weekly, residents will soon use:

Grey wheeled bins for residual waste which will continue to be collected weekly

Blue-lidded wheeled bins for plastic, metal, and glass which will be collected bi-weekly

Red-lidded wheeled bins for paper and card which will be collected bi-weekly

Councillor Lauren Townsend, Labour Progressive Alliance Cabinet Member for Public Realm, said:

“Households will have their smelly waste, such as residual, food and garden waste, collected weekly. They will also have a recycling collection every single week – one week it will be plastic, metal and glass and the other week it will be paper and card. The bins are generous in size to ensure they will be able to store weeks’ worth of waste while keeping our streets cleaner.

“It’s a shame that the Conservative Group are choosing to ignore the facts and continue to spread misinformation about weekly collections being scrapped. This isn’t happening. Weekly collections are here to stay.”

Lib Dem Councillor Kerrie Bradburn moved the original motion calling for a wheeled bin trial back in 2019:

“Residents are overwhelmingly in support of wheeled bins following the consultation and trial, as four out of five households said they wanted to make the switch. We know wheeled bins have countless benefits including reduced contamination and increased recycling rates.

“Nearly 10% of what is thrown away as rubbish can be recycled, and using wheeled bins will help us reduce that number. Milton Keynes is a forward-thinking city with ambitions of becoming the greenest city in the world, and these wheeled bins will help us achieve that aim.”

This comes as leading cabinet member Councillor Townsend is set to make a decision on finding a temporary storage facility for the wheeled bins ahead of their rollout in 2023.


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