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Conservative Cllrs call for stab kits in CMK

Following the recent double stabbing in CMK, with one young person tragically being killed, local Conservative Councillors are calling for stab kits to be provided to venues around the CMK area.

The stab kits are comprised of small bags that cost £96 each. They contain pressure bandages, tourniquets, a chest seal dressing and other medical equipment that can be used by any member of the public to stop someone from literally bleeding to death.

As a result of a campaign launched by the family of Jay Fathers, an 18-year-old MK man who was a victim of knife-crime, 10 Milton Keynes pubs have already agreed to house bleed control kits.

Conservative Councillors want Milton Keynes Council to mandate pubs and clubs to have Bleed Control kits on their premises through the licensing process.

MKC Licensing could update the licensing policy later this year to include that it would be a recommendation to have Bleed Control Kits included in the license for large volume venues with late night alcohol, refreshment, and entertainment licences.

MK Council cannot stop knife crime altogether, but it can help ensure there are tools available to try and save lives. More generally, the violent crime being experienced in Milton Keynes is deeply concerning and Conservative Cllrs are working closely with the Police and Crime Commissioner to proactively implement schemes to reduce such crimes.

Cllr Keith McLean, Chair of Licensing at MK Council, said:

“The benefits of these kits are huge and life-saving. It is incredibly sad that another young person has lost their life over the festive period and we must do all we can to reduce knife crime, but also have measures in place to save lives when it happens.

We know that bleeding reduction in the first few minutes to a victim of knife crime can mean life or death for that person so introducing them into CMK would be a great initiative.

I will ask Licensing officers to investigate how such an initiative can be formally introduced.”

Shazna Muzammil, a volunteer with the Milton Keynes Youth Offending Team and St John's Ambulance, added:

“These kits buy minutes so that victims can receive the treatment they need from paramedics. This isn’t going to stop knife crime, but it could save lives and there is nothing more valuable than that.”


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