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Conservative councillors calling for Stony Stratford High Street to be return to its PreCOVID layout

Conservative councillors are calling for Stony Stratford High Street to be returned to its pre-COVID layout now that COVID restrictions have been lifted across the country.

The changes to Stony Stratford High Street were originally made in August 2020 but were met with staunch opposition from local business owners who said that their pleas to leave the street as it was “have fallen on deaf ears”.

The alterations to the high street meant the roads were narrowed and additional car parking spaces, including disabled spaces, were lost.

However, last week the Stony Stratford Town Council unanimously voted in favour of requesting the ‘reestablishment of the High Street to pre-pandemic levels”.

The move was supported by a “strong case” from the Stony Stratford Business Association and a petition of 1200 signatories.

Although it remains to be seen whether the Labour-Liberal Democrat controlled MK Council will comply with the request and return the high street to its pre-COVID layout.

Local Conservative Councillor Joseph Hearnshaw has backed local retailers in their bid to revert the High Street to its original layout, saying:

“It is important to residents and local retailers that Stony Stratford High Street is returned to its previous layout. They have inconvenienced shoppers and make life harder for businesses to get shoppers through their doors.

With restrictions over and more jabs in arms than ever before, we need to be backing local business, not making life tougher for them.

I hope that MK Council will listen to the democratic decision made by the Stony Stratford Town Council and return it to pre-pandemic levels ASAP.”


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