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Conservative Councillors say they will save weekly recycling collections from the chop

Conservative Press Release - Conservative Councillors say that will save weekly recycling collections from the chop with MK Council set to spend millions on 300,000 new wheelie bins that will herald the end of weekly recycling collections.

In 2023, the Labour and Liberal Democrat Council will scrap bags in exchange for four wheelie bins. The bins will be separated into a plastic, metals and glass bin, a good and garden waste bin, a paper and card bit and a residual waste bin.

But the plans do mean the end for weekly recycling collections.

The new wheelie bin system means that residents will see their recycling picked up on a bi-weekly basis with the prospect of recycling overflowing wheelie bins for more than a week potentially becoming a reality from 2023.

Conservative Councillors say that this is a “slippery slope” to all collections moving to a fortnightly pick-up and say that if elected to control MK Council in May, they will save weekly recycling collections and reverse the move from the Labour and Liberal Democrat Council.

Following discussions with MK Council Officers, the Conservatives are confident there will be time to change the current tender process to ensure weekly collections remain.

Cllr Alex Walker, Leader of the Conservative Group, said:

“Cutting weekly recycling collections is not the right thing to do when we’re trying to boost our recycling rates and provide our residents with a high-quality service.

At a time where they’re bracing for another mammoth council tax rise, the Council have decided to cut their services.

This really is the last chance we have to save weekly collections in MK and only we are committed to doing that."


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