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Conservative Government Funding Saves 7 At-Risk Bus Services In Milton Keynes

Seven at-risk bus services across Milton Keynes have been saved thanks to funding from the Conservative Government secured by local MP Ben Everitt.

Ben Everitt, the MP for Milton Keynes North, has long been campaigning for better bus

services across the city with MK Council withdrawing subsidies for many routes, and replacing

them with its much-criticised MK Connect service.

He worked closely with the Government and the Bus Minister over the last year to secure more funding for buses in Milton Keynes. The investment is supporting the following services for the next six months, after similar Government funding has kept them afloat for the previous six months:

1 via Newport Pagnell, Green Park, Downs Barn

2 via Newport Pagnell, Poets’ Estate, Downs Barn

3 via Lovat Fields Village

4 via Greenleys, Great Holm, Shenley Church End

7 via Oakridge Park, Great Linford

41 via Olney

21 via Olney, Emberton

Ben Everitt MP said: “I’m delighted we’ve secured significant investment from the

Conservative Government over the last few years to help save bus services in Milton Keynes

from this failing Labour-Lib Dem Council.

“Bus services are so important to local communities and that’s why I’ve fought so hard for this

funding but the council needs to do more and stop wasting money we’ve secured from the

Government on vanity projects.

“Labour shouldn’t be ploughing ahead with their reckless MK East expansion plans which have

clogged up Newport Pagnell, if they can’t even deliver a functioning bus service for Milton


Cllr David Hopkins, leader of the Conservative Group on Milton Keynes City Council,


“There are economic, social and environmental goals to which the bus sector and improved

bus networks across MK can contribute. In particular, delivering our local climate emergency

greenhouse gas emissions target and meeting WHO air quality standards, whilst growing jobsand investment in the local MK City Council economy. In addition, a reliable, timetabled and

frequent bus network in which local people have faith will help ensure communities are

connected to employment, education, training, and public services across our ever-expanding

city area”


While the funding will help in the short-term, Conservative Councillors are concerned that the

Labour-Liberal Democrat leadership of Milton Keynes City Council have no long-term plan for

public transport in the city beyond the six-month support.

They are calling upon the Labour-led administration to adopt a long term, local strategy that

ensures bus services remain protected for residents across Milton Keynes.


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