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Conservative Government urged to help with cost-of-living crisis by dropping National Insurance hike

Labour Press Release - Ahead of Wednesday’s Spring Statement, the Labour Leader of Milton Keynes Council is calling on the Chancellor to provide real help to the people of Milton Keynes by dropping his most damaging policies as the cost-of-living crisis continues to hammer working families.

MK Labour is asking the Government to:

· Drop the National Insurance Rise – which will push taxes to their highest levels in 70 years

· Provide real help with energy bills funded by a tax on the bumper profits of oil and gas companies

Councillor Pete Marland, Leader of Milton Keynes Council, said:

“Families in Milton Keynes are struggling to pay the bills, all while the Conservatives are planning to make things even worse with the 15th Tory tax rise in just two years. On top of everything else, the average worker in MK faces a £250 national insurance hike – that’s more than many families can bear.

Councillor Marland added: “The Council is doing all it can to support families in need by offering over £18m in direct cost-of-living support and half a million pounds for people struggling during the energy crisis – but we need the Government to do more. There is a much better way for the Government to respond to these issues than increasing the financial burden on hard-working families.”

Councillor Marland concluded: “If given the chance, Labour would drop the National Insurance hike and provide long-term help funded by a one-off tax on the bumper profits of oil and gas companies. The Conservative Government needs to get a grip and step in to support families, and they need to do it before things get even worse.”


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