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Conservatives launch "Back the Track" campaign to improve accessibility problems in Loughton

Conservative Press Release: Local Conservatives have launched a campaign called "Back The Track" with Chloe Smith MP, Minister for Disabled People.

The "Back The Track" campaign asks Milton Keynes Council, the Parks Trust and Loughton and Great Holm Parish Council to collaborate to plan to fix the track around Loughton Sports Field which has been rutted for years and is causing accessibility issues for disabled residents.

At a resident meeting this week, concerns were raised that the track was unsafe, inaccessible, and dangerous, especially when rainfall leaves the area muddied and hard to walk down.

Elderly residents from nearby Cavendish House also find it difficult to navigate the unsafe footpath due to its uneven surface.

This morning, Chloe Smith MP, joined local ward councillor Amanda Marlow and Loughton resident and candidate for the Loughton and Shenley ward, Ethan Wilkinson, to inspect the area and join the campaign to fix the track to better accessibility for all residents.

Cllr Amanda Marlow added:

“Back The Track is an important local-led campaign to ensure that all residents have access to the sports facilities on offer. At the moment, it causes accessibility problems that can mean some residents are simply not able to use the facilities through no fault of their own.”

Chloe Smith, MP and Minister for Disabled People, Health and Work, said:

"I'm proud to support the "Back The Track" campaign for a paved pathway around the playing field and I know it will make a huge difference to elderly residents from Cavendish House and other residents who struggle with accessibility, especially in the winter when the route becomes impassable.

I know that Ethan Wilkinson will work hard to deliver this if he is elected as Conservative Councillor for Loughton and Shenley next week and I'd urge everyone to get out and vote Conservative on May 5."

Ethan Wilkinson said:

“Residents have raised the state of the sports track as an issue locally. Promises have been made to sort it out, but nothing has ever happened so that has driven us to start this campaign, with the backing of the Minister for Disabled People, Chloe Smith so that we can fix it and improve accessibility so that all residents can use the facilities.”

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