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Conservatives launch petition to "Save Weekly Recycling Collections" from being cut

Conservatives Press Release - The Conservatives have launched a petition to “Save Weekly Recycling Collections” from being cut, following an announcement from Labour and the Liberal Democrat Council that recycling collections will be moving to a fortnightly basis from 2023.

Under the changes announced by the coalition in December, households in Milton Keynes will be given four wheelie bins each, replacing plastic bags.

The changes mean one wheelie bin will be for food and garden waste, one for residual waste, one for paper and one for plastic, glass, and metal containers.

The two recycling bins will be collected every fortnight.

The Conservatives have said that they will fight tooth and nail to save weekly collections from being cut, but that they need the help of residents to make it a reality.

In doing so, they have launched a petition to show the level of support residents have for weekly collections.

Cllr Alex Walker, Leader of the Conservative Group, said:

“Residents are speaking to us and saying that their council tax is increasing, but they’re losing services.

We know that if we take control of MK Council in May’s elections, we will stop weekly recycling collections from being cut and restore the service to a weekly basis.”

If you would like to sign the petition, use this link:


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