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Conservatives on E Scooters

Milton Keynes Conservative Group supports the proposed extension of the E-Scooter trial until May 2024.

As a new city which has over 200 miles of Redways and with Starship robots delivering our groceries, expanding the use of e-scooters is another example of Milton Keynes leading the way as an innovative and sustainable city.

It is important Milton Keynes City Council (MKCC), and its partners, continue to consider the concerns of local people as many do feel they are unsafe for pedestrians, especially those with limited mobility and/or vision or hearing and fear there may be accidents waiting to happen.

Further, we must look at adapting similar safety regulations to the road and cycle paths, such as adopting a speed limit on the Redways and enforcing the Government[LW1] guidelines of wearing a helmet and obtaining a full drivers licence.

We call on MKCC to continue to work with residents to ensure local community concerns and feedback is at the heart of this initiative. Once the trial is concluded, MKCC should report on the outcomes to MKCC Scrutiny Management Committee to ensure the right decision is made for Milton Keynes.


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