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Conservatives say they saved MK Council £1.5 million in lost cash

Thanks to Conservative Cllrs, MK Council have been gifted an additional £1.5 million cash injection from the Government after they found a ginormous error in the Labour and Liberal Democrat’s budget that had previously gone unseen.

A glaring blunder meant that the bumbling council nearly lost out on £1.5 million from the Government’s New Homes Bonus, a grant paid to Councils from the Government to incentivise housebuilding and bringing long-term empty properties back into use.

Now MK Council are set to receive £6 million from the Government grant, an increase credited to the Conservative Cllrs who spotted the huge error in the Council’s budget.

The cash, recovered by the Conservatives, means additional repairs to potholes and pathways can take place.

Cllr Alex Walker, Leader of the Conservative Group, said:

“This was a huge error caused by blundering Council that has taken its eye off the ball once again.

Their competence and ability to run MK Council is in serious question given that without the Conservatives, they would have lost MK’s taxpayers £1.5 million, enough to fix 27,000 additional potholes.

But thanks to our action, that money is now back in the pocket of MK and can be used to benefit our residents.”


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