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Conservatives will set up pest control team, if they take control in May's elections

Conservative Press Release: Conservatives say they will establish a new pest control team in Milton Keynes to tackle the increasing issue with rats in the city, if they take control of MK Council in May’s local elections.

Milton Keynes has been without a dedicated pest control for years, with the Council using Luton’s resources to deal with MK pest problems. But the Conservatives say it is time to equip a team dedicated to MK to tackle the growing rat problems threatening areas across the city.

In February, the Conservatives asked for money to set up a pest control team, but Labour and the Liberal Democrats rejected their budget amendment.

Last year, residents in council-owned properties across the city were reporting problems with rat infestations. Disturbingly, one mother-of-three, living in a council flat in Bletchley, spoke about rat infestations that saw animals chewing through her cupboards, daughter’s bed and sofa.

The Labour and Liberal Democrat Council was accused of ignoring the problem.

Now as part of the Conservative plan to show MK some serious TLC, they say the Council should commit to a dedicated pest control team that can support areas suffering from rat infestations.

They added that it was clear that MK Council has had its eye off the ball and echoed residents’ concerns about the Council ignoring the problem.

Cllr Alex Walker, Leader of the Conservative Group, said:

“If we take control of MK Council in May’s local elections, we will sort out the pest control problem plaguing communities across the city.

It’s clear that the coalition parties, Labour and the Liberal Democrat, have ignored the problem and don’t care about those residents that are suffering from rat infestations.

So as part of our plans to show MK some serious TLC, we will put them first.”



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