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Council invests 1.6 million pounds in flooding and drainage

Milton Keynes Council is spending over £1.6m on flood resilience measures and drainage this year.

Multiple partners are responsible for flood defence, including the government-run Environment Agency, but the Labour and Liberal Democrat administration has invested over a million pounds to make sure action is taken now.

Some of the flood defence investment includes:

£275,000 for gully cleaning across the borough

£50,000 for a new flood resilience officer

£22,500 for flood resilience equipment

Labour Councillor Lauren Townsend, Cabinet Member with responsibility for flooding, said: “This Council takes flooding seriously. We’re working tirelessly to reduce it where we can, and minimise the disruption and damage it can cause for our residents. We’re holding all responsible bodies to account, including Anglian Water and the Environment Agency.”

“While local Conservatives proposed funding for less than one sandbag per property, we’re investing over a million pounds in things that will actually make a difference – flood resilience equipment, a new flood resilience officer and conveyance between the Stony Stratford flood arches.”

Liberal Democrat Councillor Jane Carr represents Newport Pagnell South: “Back in December 2020, my ward was hit badly by heavy flooding. It is a serious concern of residents not only in Newport Pagnell, but throughout the borough.”

“I want residents to know we are listening to them, and investing where it matters to help reduce flooding and better equip our towns and villages for when it does hit.”


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