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Council-run home for children with disabilities praised for sensitive and supportive staff

Following an inspection by Government watchdog Ofsted, staff at a children’s home run by Milton Keynes City Council have been commended for their care and support.

Westminster House in Bletchley provides long-stay residential care and support 365 days a year for children who have complex needs and multiple learning disabilities. The 17-strong team care for up to eight children at any time.

The children have a wide range of activities available to them each day including regular trips, arts and crafts, music lessons, cooking and visits to the park. 

Inspectors visited the home in January and spoke with staff, children and their families, social workers and local school staff about their experiences.

In its subsequent report, Ofsted rated the children’s home as ‘good’ and stated that all children are well protected, attending education and making progress. One teacher praised the collaborative working which delivers the best outcomes for these children.

Staff at Westminster House were also commended for maintaining close links with parents and professionals. Inspectors saw that staff encourage children to express their views in various ways from using emotive postcards to decorating bedrooms and communal areas with personal items

“I’m so proud of this team and the positive environment we have created here. Inspectors could see how attentive we are to the needs of our children, and we’ll continue to work alongside families, schools, and professionals to achieve the very best outcomes for these young people.”

- Nicola Davis, Manager of Westminster House

“The dedicated staff at Westminster House are a close-knit team that provide a safe and supportive space for these children. I’m pleased that Ofsted recognises the high level of care they provide and their passion to build the confidence of our most vulnerable young people.”

- Councillor Zoe Nolan, Cabinet Member for Children and FamiliesWestminster House was purpose built by the city council in May 2013 and won a Building Excellence Award in 2014 due to its innovative design.


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