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Council's commitment to conservation in Milton Keynes

MK Council is updating the designations placed on some of the most characterful villages and town centres in the borough following an ongoing, detailed review of its conservation areas.

Milton Keynes has 27 existing conservation areas. These are places of distinctive architectural or historic character or appearance that require special attention to be given to their protection and enhancement when considering planning applications within them or close by. Local authorities are required to undertake reviews of these areas to inform planning policy decisions and to ensure future applications are in keeping with the existing character of the area.

Following a review and consultation with local communities, MK Council is proposing to make revisions to some of its conservation areas, including:

Expanding boundaries to include land to the south of Church Farm in North Crawley and attractive rows of houses on Bullington End Road and New Road in Castlethorpe

At Woughton on the Green, Bellis Grove and Lucas Place are due to be considered for inclusion in the conservation area as examples of thoughtful new town era development within a historic setting

A council decision to confirm the proposed changes from the review is set for 7 December.

Leader of MK Council, Cllr Pete Marland said: “Protecting our special areas is incredibly important to us and we need to undertake reviews like this to ensure we can make well-informed decisions about future applications in these areas. We must preserve and continue enhancing conservation areas so we can maintain the character of these spaces in the future.”

Milton Keynes is rich in archaeological remains with sites and finds from the Paleolithic period onwards. Though the prehistoric and Roman periods were important in shaping the appearance of the wider landscape, there is obvious influence on the character and appearance of the later towns and villages in the area, including the 27 conservation areas.

Further information about MK’s conservation areas can be found on:


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