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Council’s proposed £2m investment in bus infrastructure

Milton Keynes Council is investing a proposed £2 million to upgrade hundreds of bus shelters over the next few years.

A leading Cabinet Member will take a decision on Tuesday to start the tender process for new bus shelter suppliers.

The Labour/Liberal Democrat run Council is committed to sustainable transport, and will make sure there will be a variety of new bus shelters, including shelters with:

- Carbon reducing green roofs with Sedum plants

- Solar powered lights and energy efficient LED lighting

- Digital live timetable displays

Cabinet Member for Transport, Labour Councillor Jennifer Wilson Marklew, said: “The Progressive Alliance is committed to reducing carbon, increasing biodiversity and supporting sustainable transport - these new shelters will help us achieve those goals.”

“It is our utmost priority to invest in our bus infrastructure because not only is it the sustainable thing to do, but our local bus users deserve shelters that are accessible and modern, and this investment delivers that.”

Liberal Democrat Councillor Robin Bradburn added: “Not only do the green bus shelters look great, but they help reduce pollution and increase biodiversity, so I’m excited to see even more go up around Milton Keynes.”

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