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Councillor calls for regular rural bus services

Danesborough ward councillor Cllr David Hopkins will be presenting a petition signed by over 300 residents to the Full Council meeting MK City Council on Wednesday 23rd November.

The petition calls for a regular timetabled bus service connecting Woburn Sands and Wavendon with the Kingston Centre, MK University Hospital, Central MK and MK Central Railway Station.

Woburn Sands has an older than average community profile many of whom reside in a number of sheltered housing complexes and retirement homes. Other residents need access to the Hospital or College via a service they can rely upon or the station to commute to the University and Colleges in Northampton. Regrettably MK Connect, although innovative in some ways, is simply too unreliable to cater for these needs.

This council rightly prides itself on its innovation in combating the climate emergency and on its support of ongoing growth in proving economic growth and much needed housing. But it lacks the most basic of infrastructures, reliable, sustainable, environmentally friendly public transport. Indeed, it seems the further out from the centre of MK you live the less likely you are to benefit from a public transport offer that is usable, reliable and – most importantly – timetabled. Residents ask, MKCC expects us to endure the impacts of continual growth – but what is there in it in return for those residents living here today?

Cllr David Hopkins states “I trust that the administration, working with all parties in this council, even in these most challenging of times, can devise a solution that provides – if only initially one daily service each way, each day - a service to be relied upon’.

When presenting the petition, Cllr Hopkins will be addressing the council meeting stating ‘I am delighted to be able to present this petition signed by bus users and their supporters from Woburn Sands and its surrounds calling for the return of a regular, scheduled, timetabled bus service connecting Woburn Sands and Wavendon with The Kingston Centre, MK University Hospital, CMK and CMK Railway Station.

There is also demand for a scheduled service again starting in Woburn Sands and passing though and serving Bow Brickhill and the OU on its way to CMK and the main railway station.

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