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Councillors invite local residents to celebrate 50 years of Galley Hill

On Saturday 28 May, the Galley Hill Residents Association and local Councillors are inviting residents to join a free fun day to celebrate 50 years of Galley Hill.

The event, which begins at 12:00 and is being held at St Mary’s and St Giles School Playing Field in Galley Hill.

It is being sponsored by the Stony Stratford Town Council and has support from Stony Stratford Conservative Councillor Joseph Hearnshaw.

Galley Hill first offered housing from May 1972, and it was completed in 1973. There are just over 400 flats and houses on the estate with an estimated number of over 1200 residents.

Cllr Hearnshaw said:

“This is a great chance for the local community to come together and celebrate 50 years of Galley Hill.

It will be a lovely opportunity for families to spend time outside and have some fun on the weekend, all while celebrating our community.”


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