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Craig Charles Brings His Late Night Funk And Soul Club To Milton Keynes

Music Venue Unit Nine have started making plans to re-open their venue in light of the recent Government announcement and they've started off with one that many folk of MK will appreciate.

''We are excited to announce that the biggest and best funk & soul night is coming to Milton Keynes in October!''

Craig Charles is set to be finishing his show on the BBC and then heading straight to Unit Nine in Old Wolverton for hit the stage for 12.30.

Craig Charles has a mass following and sells out events right across the UK after gracing the BBC airwaves since 2002, building a reputation for being one of the best Funk & Soul DJ's around!

“When BBC 6 Music asked me to do a radio show I only had one condition, it has to be a funk & soul show otherwise I wasn’t interested”

This is how the Craig Charles Funk and Soul Show was born, pioneering 6 Music radio show from its dawn in 2002. Live every Saturday night with an assortment of classic gems and emerging artists, Craig has garnered global support as one of the UK’s foremost Funk and Soul commentators, DJ’s and promoters of new music. The show has become a European benchmark for artists who want to connect directly with their fans.

“Since its inception, I have been interested in all varieties of soul and funk music, without imposing any barriers and I am just as enthusiastic about fresh new talent as I am about the classic artists from the golden age of the 60s and 70s”

The event is taking place on Saturday 16th October and tickets can be purchased by clicking here


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