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Creative Use of Empty Space to Boost MK’s Economy

Conservative Cllrs are calling for creative use of empty units and under used spaces in Milton Keynes to boost MK’s economic recovery.

‘Meanwhile Space’ is the use of temporary contracts that allow community groups, small businesses or individuals to move into vacant spaces and set up shop.

Conservative Cllrs have argued that there is a lot of space in MK that is being underused and is at risk of being out of us for the long-term. This includes business units on industrial estates, unused sponsorship spaces on roundabouts, to retail units on high streets in Bletchley, Newport Pagnell and elsewhere.

They’re now calling on the Council and some partners, who own many these spaces, to give opportunities to start ups, artists and community groups access to these spaces. And the Council could also encourage private owners to do the same.

To help give the scheme a kick start, Conservatives will move an amendment to Milton Keynes Council budget for £200k.

Conservative Group Leader Cllr Alex Walker said:

“We can create real socioeconomic value from vacant property and underused spaces in MK.

“And with so many new start-ups and individuals who have gone self-employed during the pandemic, what a great way to help them take the next step and bring back into use space that otherwise is dormant and will fall into disrepair.

“I have seen first-hand in other cities how this can help transform an area and people's lives.”

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