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Do you remember the 90's? Then it's time to re-visit some amazing musical memories.

Remember when rhythm was a dancer and groove was in the heart? Remember when tie-dye and centre partings were acceptable?

Then you probably grew up in the 90s, when dance music was fun, uncomplicated and infectious.

Milton Keynes is playing host to an amazing 90's musical throwback event where you can re-live those memories of late night dancing, hand throwing and singing.

Since forming in 2012 - Rhythm of the 90s have taken the UK and Europe by storm. They are not just your typical covers band. This group, made up of some of the top session players in the industry with over 120 years of experience, has created something special and unique.

Rhythm of the 90s has spent years taking tunes that were never intended to be played live and honing them into a show like no other. This attention to detail and passion is why this band sells out large venues around the UK and Europe and have been invited to play at some of the largest festivals around: Glastonbury Festival, Isle of Wight Festival, Victorious Festival, Latitude Festival – including main stage performances.

The band defy anyone who is a fan of 90s dance music not to dance their socks off when they experience this band for the first time!

If you want the get a party started, then look no further than Rhythm of the 90s. You won’t be disappointed!

The Event: Saturday 20th November, 9pm to 2am at Unit Nine, Milton Keynes.


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