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Don’t Dice With Ice – Winter Water Safety

As colder weather begins to set in, city residents are reminded to stay safe in Milton Keynes’ parks this Winter.

Glistening frosts and the occasional dusting of snow may look beautiful, but it’s vital to stay vigilant around cold or frozen water. When ice forms on open water, it can put people and pets at risk, so remember to take care near lakes, canals, ponds and rivers.

Top tips for staying safe:

Keep away from the water’s edge and under no circumstances go onto the ice or enter the water.

Be extra watchful with young children close to the water’s edge.

If you see someone in trouble in the water or on the ice, call 999 straight away. Never attempt to go out on to the ice yourself.

Be cautious after heavy rainfall and don’t enter areas that are flooded.

Keep your dog under control near frozen water and NEVER follow it onto the ice. Do not attempt to rescue any pets yourself – call the emergency services for help.

If you see a wild animal you believe to be in distress on the ice, report it to the RSPCA on 0300 123 4999.

To help young minds become aware of the potential dangers, The Parks Trust, the charity caring for over 6,000 acres of Milton Keynes’ parkland, are providing free Water Safety Assemblies for MK schools. More information can be found on

Stay safe, don’t dice with ice.


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