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Dropped kerbs being installed to make Bletchley more accessible

Milton Keynes City Council has started to install more dropped kerbs on heavily used pathways throughout Bletchley in a bid to make the town more accessible.

The dropped kerbs will be installed in over a dozen areas that have high footfall – including near schools, community centres, shopping areas and retirement homes.

Highways teams conducted surveys to analyse the best locations for the accessibility works, also taking into consideration the proximity of any existing dropped kerbs in the area.

The surveys found that most footways in and around the town centre and the busier shopping areas already had dropped kerbs, but this work will further boost accessibility in other parts of the town including:

  • Along Porchester Close behind the shops

  • Church Street, at the junction of Victoria Road

  • Fern Grove, the pathway near Waterhall Care Home and the rear entrance to Leon School

  • Witham Court, near the Medical Centre

  • Multiple sections of Mikern Close, near the garages

  • Bedford Street, at the junction of St Martin’s Street

Highways teams will be carrying out the works in April and May.

Councillor Lauren Townsend, Cabinet Member for Public Realm on Milton Keynes City Council, said:

“We’re working hard to make Milton Keynes a more accessible place for all, and these works will help keep our communities connected and make it easier for everybody to travel throughout the town.”

Bletchley Park Ward Councillor Nigel Long added: “It’s great news that more accessibility works are being completed throughout Bletchley. This will make it easier for everybody to access community facilities and ultimately make Milton Keynes more inclusive for all.”

The City Council has also set aside £50,000 to install more dropped kerbs elsewhere across the city in 2023/24.


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