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Earth Day Tackling Plastic Pollution in Parks

Earth Day, today, is all about celebrating and protecting our planet. This years’ Earth Day theme 'Planet vs Plastics' focuses on plastic pollution and raising awareness of the associated health risks.

Plastics present a significant danger to all living creatures and can disrupt delicate ecosystems. That’s why The Parks Trust, the charity caring for parks, lakes and woodlands in Milton Keynes are committed to reducing plastic pollution.

Since April 2022, the Trust’s operational personnel have gathered more than 100 tonnes of litter and fly-tipped waste from green spaces with support from volunteers. Around 30% of the waste is plastic (bottles, packaging, cup lids, bags, and polystyrene) and poses a risk to wildlife, particularly when in waterways, lakes, and ponds.

The Parks Trust Outdoor Learning Team are also working for a better future, educating young people across Milton Keynes to take care of the natural environment as well as the importance of not littering.

Feeling inspired?

You can contribute to Earth Day’s goals too, supporting the local environment can be as simple as taking your litter home with you, reusing plastic products, or taking part in a community litter pick.


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