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Ed Miliband MP backs MK Labour’s ambitious actions on climate change

Labour Press Release: Ed Miliband MP, Shadow Secretary for Climate Change & Net Zero, has publicly shared his support for MK Labour’s pledges on reducing families’ energy bills and building forward-thinking green council homes.

Labour-Led Milton Keynes Council has committed to the biggest council housebuilding programme in a generation, with the focus being on sustainable principles that boost energy efficiency and conserve resources. This, in turn, will save families hundreds of pounds on their energy bills.

Ed Miliband MP visited some of the Council’s newest green council homes last week. He was shown around a property on Talland Avenue in Fishermead, which is highly insulated, uses an air source heat pump, energy-efficient appliances, water butts and has an EV charging point.

When speaking about the Labour-led Council to his 776k Twitter followers, Ed Miliband MP applauded the “brilliant work” that is being done to build low-carbon homes. Ed Miliband MP said: “They’re building new council homes, and they’re also insulating existing council homes, and this is so important because it is cutting bills for families at a time when so many people are facing an energy bill crisis.”

MK Labour has pledged to insulate 1,500 council properties by 2024 to increase energy efficiency, while also providing £250,000 in financial support for low-income families who cannot pay their energy bills.

Councillor Pete Marland, Labour Leader of MK Council, added: “MK Labour is committed to ensuring every household has a safe, warm place they can call home. Our eco-conscious council housebuilding programme, coupled with our plans to insulate hundreds of existing homes, will mean families have more money in their pocket.”

He added: “The Conservative cost-of-living crisis has seen families choose between heating, eating and debt. While the Government has increased national insurance and cut Universal Credit, MK Council has stepped in to provide over £16m in direct cost-of-living support, with £250,000 going on energy bills for people who can’t afford to pay them.”

He concluded: “A vote for Labour on 5th May is a vote to support families that have been hit with the biggest tax burden since the 1940s. MK Labour will continue to provide vital support for those that need it the most, all while helping MK become the greenest city in the world.”


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