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Fairfields local centre gets go ahead

A new local centre in Fairfields is set to start construction after it was granted planning permission by Milton Keynes City Council.

The new facilities, which will include a large convenience food store and a café for the local community, will be built on Apollo Avenue and include additional car parking for users.

The centre is being provided by housing developer BDW Homes which encompasses Barratt and David Wilson Homes who have permission for 1,431 units on the site. Once the Fairfields development is complete, the local centre could serve up to 3,577 local residents.

Jenny Wilson-Marklew, Labour Councillor for Stony Stratford Ward, said:

“I’m thrilled that Fairfields is set to have its very own local centre as I have long been campaigning for it to happen. Hundreds of families already live in the estate and it is set to expand even more, so it’s vital that residents have somewhere convenient and local that they can walk or cycle to. I look forward to seeing the scheme progress!”

In addition to building the local centre, the planning permission means that Barratt can built an extra forty properties on the site –70% of this will be classed as affordable.

Simon Francis, Managing Director at Barratt Homes Northampton, added:

“We’re delighted to be delivering a new local centre at Fairfields. This will be a great benefit to new and existing residents, and we are looking forward to seeing it in use once built.”

Initial construction work will commence in early 2023 on the Apollo Avenue site and it is set to be complete in around 24 months.


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