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Fantastically Great Women Who Changed the World packs a punch and a half – great entertainment for the whole family.

Don't miss out on the highly acclaimed and empowering pop musical, Fantastically Great Women Who Changed the World, which took to the stage last night at Milton Keynes Theatre and will be playing until Saturday 27th January. This captivating production forms part of its extensive UK tour and promises to leave you feeling inspired and uplifted.

Dramatized by Chris Bush, directed by Amy Hodge, with punchy music by Miranda Cooper and Jennifer Decilveo, Emily Pankhurst descendant Kate Pankhurst’s popular book has now been brought to life in a heart-warming musical that tells the story of Jade, a curious student who wanders away from her school group on a museum trip, and ends up exploring the Gallery of Greatness. Here, she meets iconic women from the past whose amazing examples have changed the world through their actions and lives. Including Marie Curie – Scientist, Frida Kahlo - Artist, Jane Austen – Writer, Rose Parks – Human Rights Activist, Amelia Earhart – Aviator, and Emily Pankhurst -Suffragette, to name a few. The musical is full of powerful moments, amazing characters, and a soundtrack that packs a powerful punch.

The fantastically great cast of this show includes Elena Breschi, Jennifer Caldwell, Georgia Grant-Anderson, Chlöe Hart, Leah Vassell, Millie Kiss, Summer Priest, and Rachel Seirian, all with a long c.v. of well-known TV and show credits.

The staging was simple but trendy, almost industrial. The band was staged high up on blocks, encompassed by neon lighting giving a sense of awe, the music was awesome, the choreography excellent and there were some clever effects as Emelia Eckart flew her plane and Gertrude Ederle was swimming in the sea.

This show had a great message, delivered by a young and diverse cast of energetic and accomplished actors and musicians who pitched it perfectly for the target audience. Contemporary upbeat music from rap and pop to one scene where actors and musicians came together in upbeat street drumming that hit the nail on the head.

My favourite scene was that with Freda Carlo, a colourful blend of beautifully choreographed Mexican dance and rhythms incorporating luminous masks.

The message was simple, inspiring young women to dream, persevere and be whoever they want to be, but this wasn’t just for the youngsters but their brother’s, mums and dads too.  And it was lovely to see so many young people in the audience and the groups of school children.

My one gripe was a poor sound mix, the music was so much louder than the singing that I couldn’t hear the words.  The lyrics I did get to hear were clever and essential to the narrative, so it was disappointing to have missed out.

If I’d known more about the show beforehand, I’d have taken my niece, so I urge you to take your daughters, nieces in particular who will just love this show.

Tickets are available from the website


Shahnaz Hussain (Arts Reviewer)



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