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Feargal Sharkey visits Milton Keynes and challenges MP to drink river water

Feargal Sharkey has visited Milton Keynes as part of his ‘Stop the Sh*t Show' tour, and challenged an MP to drink the local river water.

The rock singer turned environmental campaigner is touring constituencies around the UK ahead of the General Election on 4th July, and has today [Saturday 22 June] visited Stony Stratford in Milton Keynes.

Speaking to Labour campaigners looking to oust the sitting Conservative MPs, Sharkey challenged the Conservatives over their record of allowing water companies to dump raw sewage in our rivers and waterways while continuing to take enormous bonuses and pass increasing costs onto the consumer.

He highlighted that at the nearby water recycling centre in Sherington alone, 267 hours of sewage was dumped last year. Following a local hustings event where the Conservative candidate seeking re-election for the Milton Keynes North seat, Ben Everitt, dismissed the issue of water pollution, saying he still swims in the local rivers, Feargal Sharkey said, “He may say there isn’t an issue, but I say to him, drink a glass of this water if you think it’s fine, and I will pay £1000 to a charity of your choice.”

Labour’s Candidate for Milton Keyne North, Chris Curtis, said, “We’ve all seen the topless pictures of my opponent in the river - it’s clear he doesn’t take it seriously - but residents here do, and I’m committed to tackling this issue head on.

“Just like their attitude to local people struggling to get a NHS dentist or GP appointment, or struggling to make ends meet with the cost-of-living sky high, this is another example of the Conservatives telling us everything is fine while the reality is very different - it’s insulting.”

Emily Darlington, Labour’s Candidate for Milton Keynes Central, said, “We’re really grateful to Feargal for visiting in his role as President of SERA - Labour’s environment campaign. Labour will put water companies under special measures and strengthen regulation to force them to clean up their act, so we can once again have clean rivers in our city.”


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