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Financial boost for young people’s mental health charity

The Youth Information Service (YiS) has received a financial boost from their local ward councillor, to ensure they can continue offering vital mental health support to young people in Milton Keynes.

Jenny Wilson-Marklew, Labour Councillor for Stony Stratford, has allocated £1,000 of her ward grant to the charity so that staff can keep up with the increased demand for counselling services.

Councillor Wilson-Marklew said: “One in six school-age children have a mental health problem, but that figure could be even higher due to increased anxiety, isolation, and grief caused by the pandemic.

“Organisations like YiS are a lifeline to our community as they provide a safe space for young people to talk about how they are feeling, without fear of being judged. As more people are turning to YiS for mental health support, the charity needs more funding to provide free counselling for those in need and I am pleased that this money will ensure that is possible.”

A spokesperson for YiS explained how the funding will be used: "The funding YiS has received will enable us to deliver free face to face counselling sessions to young people in York House until the end of March. We will prioritise those local to the Stony Stratford ward and are grateful for the financial support to do so."


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